Next Up…

Hey there! I’m sending you all positive vibes and hoping you’re well!

I mentioned yesterday that I would be doing the 30 Day Workout Challenge beginning on the same day as Krystle Lane (thinspirational journey). So we’ll be motivating each other to do our best work!

Later that night, I was looking at some youtube videos and came across one I had added to my favorites a while ago– a Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone video. Now I was skeptical at first because all you’re doing in the workout is walking but once I tried it, I had different thoughts. It really is a good indoor workout, especially if you have knee issues and can’t do really high impact workouts like running. The steps are simple and Leslie is really fun 🙂

In addition to the 30 Day Workout Challenge, I decided to sign up to the Walk Social at Leslie Sansone’s website for Walk at Home and take her 21 Day Challenge. The 21 Day Challenge ended a while ago, but I’m still going to follow the plan. You use her videos seven days a week, following a plan listed in her blog on her website. You can track your weight and the “miles” you’ve walked using her videos when you sign up to the Walk Social.

I started the 21 Day Challenge yesterday and I’ll be starting the 30 Day Workout Challenge tomorrow 🙂

stay gold,



3 thoughts on “Next Up…

  1. Heya Lela!

    I’m really stoked. I’m going to start my day one today.. right after I make my mom and sis’ Bento Lunches ^-^

    I’m really looking forward to this!


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